Gilfillan Farm

Strategic Master Plan

All of the identified structures on the Gilfillan Farm property are in need of varying levels of restoration work. It is the mission of the Historical Society of Upper St. Clair to restore the historic buildsings and reconstruct those that are no longer standing, to the standards set forth by the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties.


Preserving the Past

Since the creation of the Master Plan, the Historical Society of Upper St. Clair has been working tirelessly to carry out the restoration and preservation project. They've accomplished several projects and plan to continue until the Plan is complete.

Restoration Work to Date

  • Summer Kitchen Restoration
  • Smokehouse Restoration
  • Springhouse Restoration
  • Farmhouse Inventory
  • 5-Year Building Assessment
  • Quote for Big Barn Foundation Restoration
  • Quote for Farmhouse Brick Restoration

One Project at a Time

The Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission granted the Historical Society of Upper St. Clair a grant in which HSUSC had to match the funds dollar for dollar. This funding allowed HSUSC to conduct a study of the state of the 15-acres, landscape, buildings, and artifacts during the time period of 2015-2017.

A group made up of architects, landscape architects, a preservation consultant, and curator built a strategic master plan that serves as a guidebook to the restoration and preservation of all of the components that make up the Gilfillan Farm. The Historical Society of Uppet St. Clair continues to work to accomplish the goals set forth in the master plan.
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