Gilfillan Farm


All of the identified structures on the Gilfillan Farm property are in need of varying levels of restoration work. It is the mission of the Historical Society of Upper St. Clair to restore the historic buildsings and reconstruct those that are no longer standing, to the standards set forth by the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties.

Built in Mid-1900's


The garage that is currently on the Gilfillan Farm property is located near the farmhouse. This building is a 2-car brick structure. It is not the original garage.

Restoration Work to Date

  • Dehumidifier installed 2003

Future Work & Estimated Costs

  • None

A Museum in Itself

The original garage that stood where the current 2-car brick structure stands today was a wood building. It is unknown when the original garage was built, but this building is estimated to be erected sometime in the mid-1950's.

The purpose of the garage was to store the Gilfillan Family vehicle. Today, the garage houses and displays several cars that were found in the haylofts of the barns. According to the master plan, no restoration work is required. However, a dehumidifer was installed to eliminate moisture and protect the Gilfillan's vehicles.
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