Gilfillan Farm

Horse Barn

All of the identified structures on the Gilfillan Farm property are in need of varying levels of restoration work. It is the mission of the Historical Society of Upper St. Clair to restore the historic buildsings and reconstruct those that are no longer standing, to the standards set forth by the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties.

Built in 1855

Not Just Horses

Since it's construction, the multi-section Horse Barn has been home to horses, donkeys, and mules. This building is still in use today and is now home to Horses with Hope's miniature horses.

Restoration Work to Date

  • New roof 2009
  • New gutters 2012

Future Work & Estimated Costs

  • Door repair- TBD
  • Repainting the barn- TBD

Horses with Hope

The horse barn is estimated to have been built in 1855. It has three seperate sections on the lower level for housing different types of animals. One section has multiple stalls which were used for the farm's horses. The upper level of the horse barn was used for hay storage.

In the 1800's, horses were a key component to the operation of a farm. Modern machinery was nonexistent and equipment was hard to come by. So, it was common practice for farmers to use oxen and horses to plow their fields. Horses were also used as a means for transportation.

According to the master plan, the horse barn was in need of minor restoration. Some of the projects were more pressing than others, so a new roof and gutters were installed. There are a couple of regular maintenance items that still need to be completed.
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