Gilfillan Farm


In the 1700's & 1800's, land was much more abundant than it is in today's world. It is incredibly versatile, holds a lot of rich history, and is not something that cannot be recreated. The Gilfillan Farm is no exception. More than 200 years after the Gilfillan's acquired two tracts of land equaling more than 500 acres, the Gilfillan farm is a 15 acre working farm that serves as home to the Historical Society of Upper St. Clair. This land is not only bountiful in its farming history, but is rich in family and community history as well.

History of the Gilfillan Family

The Gilfillan Family spans four generations of members who all lived on the family land for the duration of their lives. Explore the Gilfillan Family's heritage as you read about life on the farm and the artifacts that were left behind for the purpose of community history and education.

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History of the Gilfillan Farm

Throughout the years, pieces of the farmland had been seperated into smaller plots and sold. Although it has been significantly reduced in size, the Gilfillan Farm is the last working farm in Upper St. Clair. Learn more about the farm's journey from being an ordinary working farm to becoming a Registered National Historic Place.

Historical Society of Upper St. Clair

Since Margaret Gilfillan's passing in 2001, the Gilfillan Farm was acquired by the Historical Society of Upper St. Clair, a group formed by local residents who intended to preserve and appreciate their local community. Learn more about the Gilfillan legacy, Margaret's sense of community and the role she wanted the farm to serve.
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